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The Market Leader in Europe

You may not have heard about ATAG before, but you soon will. In Europe, they are considered the market leader and for a good reason. ATAG has won numerous awards for their high-efficiency boilers and market-leading customer services. At Complete Home Energy Solutions, we are proud to support this fantastic manufacturer and their growing range of products.

ATAG Boilers – The Combi Range

At the heart of every ATAG boiler is the revolutionary icon heat exchanger, which has unrivalled performance and efficiency. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel and maintains 98% of its original efficiency levels throughout its lifetime.

What’s more, every ATAG boiler installed by Aqua Shield comes with a lifetime heat exchanger guarantee for total peace of mind.

ATAG iC Economiser Combination Boiler

The ATAG iC Economiser combination boiler uses flue gas recovery. Inside each of these boilers is a revolutionary device which recycles lost heat. in doing so it protects the environment and saves you money too. Available in 27kw, 35kw & 39kw outputs with flow rates as high as 17 litres per minute.

ATAG iC Combination Boiler

The ATAG iC combination boiler comes in a range of sizes to suit all needs. Available in 24kw, 28kw, 36 & 40kw outputs with flow rates as high as 16.2 litres per minute

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At Complete Home Energy Solutions Ltd, we are a company founded on commitment, expertise and passion for providing a valuable service for home energy customers across the North West.

Complete Home Energy Solutions – ATAG Selected Partner

Complete Home Energy Solutions are an ATAG Selected Partner and can help you find the most energy-efficient boiler solution for your needs, we have been supplying and fitting ATAG boilers throughout the North-West.

All ATAG boilers offer solutions that are efficient, reliable and specific to you and your home. And they’ll also help you save money on your gas bills too. ATAG has been designing and manufacturing boilers for almost 70 years.


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