How much does a new boiler cost?

Depending on your requirements, a boiler replacement or upgrade could cost anywhere between £1200 and £3000. It sounds like a lot of money because it is, but it is money worth paying because a new boiler will be more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the long term. It means no more low-pressure moments, cold running taps during a shower, wasted energy and higher bills. Added to that, the cost of a new boiler will include a long term warranty and options on maintenance cover.

Upfront payment

If you’re in a position to pay the cost of a new boiler upfront, it takes away having to apply for finance; so you can get straight into the fun bit of choosing the right boiler. It also gives you the option of choosing your preferred heating engineer to install your replacement heating system.

Boilers on finance

If you’re looking at boilers on finance, there is a range of finance deals available to the cover the cost of a new heating system, the terms and conditions may vary depending on the company, with some companies specialising in offering boilers on finance. On average you can expect monthly repayments to be between £19 and £40 (depending on the duration in which you take the finance out).

Boiler with bad credit

You might have a less than perfect credit score and think that your options for boilers on finance are limited, but it’s not the case. Plenty of companies will still discuss boilers on finance, with some companies specialising in clients with bad or poor credit rating. These companies tend to cover a limited range of boilers, usually exclusively combi-boilers.

Finance might not be your only option, depending on your circumstances you could be eligible for a boiler grant.

Green Homes Grant

If you own your home, you could be eligible for the government Green Homes Grant. That means you could get up to a £5000 energy-saving grant to upgrade your boiler to a low-carbon emissions one, taking away the majority, if not all, of the cost of upgrading your heating systems.

So now you know what your options are and the cost of a new boiler, but if you want to ask any questions, feel free to contact Complete Home Energy Solutions for a chat.