Heating Controls

Essential to your boiler and to help keep your energy wastage to a minimum

We appreciate that it can baffle you a little when you hear the term ‘heating controls’. Do you really know how effective these can be in your home and how vital they can be to keep the costs of your energy bills down.

Heating controls are paramount for as they serve to ensure that your boiler operates efficiently and to help reduce your energy wastage. Clever use of your boiler control gives you complete control over your home’s central heating system, allowing you to keep each room in your home at just the right temperature to minimise your energy consumption. Let’s face it, we all don’t want to heat rooms in our home if we are not using them.

Practical and easy to use

Boiler controls are relatively simple to install and are normally done when a boiler change occurs. The controls can be configured to allow you to systematically set the time of day each of your radiators turns on, so you don’t waste energy heating whole areas of your home that aren’t being used. Boiler controls also give you the power to select the time to turn on your hot water, no one likes a cold shower and your controls can certainly help eliminate this nasty surprise.

The different types of Boiler Controls

As mentioned above, normally your controls are changed at a time when you replace your boiler, but you can also do this at any time. Here at Complete Home Energy Solutions our gas safe engineers are available to assist in any questions that you may have around this.

  • Simple Boiler Controls – traditional manual clock controls that can be set for 24-hour periods.
  • Digital Boiler Controls – allow you to set on/off heating times on a 7-day programming schedule that fits around your lifestyle.
  • Intelligent Boiler Controls – great for saving energy as they tell you how long it takes to heat up and cool down your home as well as external temperatures.
  • Internet Connected Boiler Controls – controlled by an App on your smart device, smart thermostats are highly intelligent. Among other functions, they learn from your systems behaviour, use live weather data and keep track of your fuel usage.

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Using Heating Controls

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