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Solar Panels

Let the sun pay your energy bills

What are Solar Panels?

A solar panel, also know as a PV panel, is a device that harvests the suns energy and converts it into electric current. Using an inverter, the suns direct current (DC) is converted into actual current (AC) which can then be used in your home, stored in batteries for when you need it or fed into the National Grid.

The solar panels are mounted to the roof of you home and the inverter can be installed in the loft, or any other location you choose within your home.

What are the main benefits of Solar Panels?

Truly Renewable Energy

Unlike other energy sources, we cannot run out of sun energy! It can be harnessed every single day - even in not so sunny England! Using solar energy will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, therefore helping the environment.

Low Maintenance Costs

After the initial investment of a solar panel system, you can expect to pay very little on maintenance. It's recommended the panels are cleaned a couple of times a year. Inverters may need replacing after 5-10 years.

Reduces Electricity Bills

Since your solar system will be generating a chunk of your electricity, your energy bills will decrease. Savings are dependant on the size of your solar panel system, and how much energy you consume.

Solar Panel FAQs

Yes – the sun still provides energy to solar panels from behind the clouds! If there is enough light for you to see, then there’s enough for your solar panels to produce energy. Rainy days can help clean the panels, removing dirt that may be blocking the sunlight.

Yes – solar panels will generate you electricity all year round. But, they do produce less in winter, because the sun is lower in the sky and daylight hours are shorter.

A south-facing roof is ideal for a solar panel system, because it will get the sun for the longest time, and therefore generate the most energy. However, this does not rule out rooftops with an east or west orientation, they will still significantly benefit from solar panels. The ideal roof pitch angle is between 30-40 degrees, but solar panels can be fitted to flat or sloping roofs. We will set the to the optimal angle to maximise your return.

Solar panels have no moving parts, except for the inverter. So they have a very long life span, you can expect them to last for at least 25 years.

Most domestic installations are completed within a single day.

Solar panels cannot generate electricity throughout the night, so you will need a battery storage system to go off grid. Read more about battery storage below.

Your excess energy can be sold back to the grid, or stored in a battery for you to use at night or a later date.

In most cases you do not need planning permission for solar panels unless:

  • – It’s a listed building
  • – Your home is in a conservation area or outstanding natural beauty
  • – You are having a ground mounted array
  • – The panels protrude more than 200mm

Solar Battery Storage

Store your energy for a rainy day

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is a way of storing electricity that your solar panels have harvested in the daytime. You can then use up this energy as and when you need it, at night for example when the sun isn’t shining, or just on days when your energy consumption is higher.

Solar storage batteries are typically made of lead acid or lithium-ion and have the ability to store electricity while you are away from home.

What are the main benefits of Solar Battery Storage?

Step Towards Energy Independance

Adding battery storage to your solar panel system reduces how much you rely on the national grid for electricity.

Optimise The Usage Of Your solar Energy

This renewable energy is dependant on the time of day, but battery storage solves this issue by holding excess energy for you to use at any time.

Reduces Electricity Bills Even Further

Just having solar panels will reduce your energy bills, but also having battery storage takes it to another level of savings because you will be paying for your less energy in the evenings.

Solar Battery Storage FAQs

Yes – a solar battery can easily be added to an already existing solar PV system but are subject to 20% VAT (usually 5% when installed the same time as the solar panels).

Every household is different, and it will depend on a number of factors such as your location, solar panel system size, battery size and energy plan,

Lithium-Ion batteries offer the best efficiency, longer life span and a greater depth of discharge, so you get the most energy out of the battery,

It is not essential to have a battery in order to have a fully functioning solar panel system as they are independent components.Solar panels can supply you with energy in real time, and if you don’t have a battery, any excess can be sold back to the grid.

The expected lifetime is around 10-15 years.

Yes, our systems are future-proofed by design, making them easy to service and upgrade.

They can be mounted on a wall or on the ground, we can talk you through appropriate locations for the system.

Solar Battery & Inverter Package Prices

(if you already have Solar Panels)

SoFar 4.6kW Battery Package

Eco Battery Package 1

From £3,995

Pylontech 4.8Kw Battery Package

eco battery and inverter package 2

From £3,995

Pylontech 7.2Kw Battery Package

eco battery and inverter package 2

From £4,995

GivEnergy 8.2Kw Battery Package

8.2Kw solar battery storage

From £5,495

FOX ESS 7.8kW Package

From £5,995

GivEnergy 9.5Kw Battery Package

Givenergy inverter and battery

From £5,995

Solar Battery Only Prices

(if you already have Solar Panels)

GivEnergy 5.2kWh Eco LiFePO4 Battery IP65

From £3,799

GivEnergy 8.2kWh Gen2 Eco LiFePO4 Battery IP65

From £4,499

LG Chem 10kWh Prime HV Li Battery

From £6,995

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Mrs Clarke

"Can’t recommend this company high enough. Exceptional service from the moment John arrived to do the quote. Extremely knowledgeable and polite with nothing being too much trouble. The price was extremely competitive and the standard of work was first class. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Complete Home Solutions again and highly recommend you do the same."

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